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mac os terminal git autocomplete

mac os terminal git autocomplete



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Tags: mac os terminal git autocomplete, mac git terminal autocomplete

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Some people prefer to use a package manager to automate the installing, updating, and configuring of Mac OS packages. I am a fan of package managers, and I think Homebrew is the best package manager for Mac OS (some would say it's the de-facto Mac OS package manager).
If you are a user of Git on Mac OS X then sometimes it can become annoying that you cannot autocomplete the Git commands and branch names. 1. First step is to execute this command in your terminal…
Git and GitHub Beginner Tutorial 4 - Enable git commands autocomplete and colors on Mac ===== Today we will learn
If you want to enable tab auto complete at the command line on Mac OSX terminal, there is a handy auto-completion script you can use. [crayon-5d06e7b4e4fc5084846354/] Using git-completion script to enable auto complete for GIT commands Download and save the git-completion script to your home directory [crayon-5d06e7b4e4fca536986259/] Then open the .bash_profile file in your home Read more →
MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms.
I installed git using MacPorts on my new Snow Leopard installation. After MacPorts is installed from the .dmg image, these would be the commands in Terminal.app: sudo port selfupdate sudo port install git-core +bash_completion If you also want support for pulling from SVN repositories and docs, use this instead of the second line:
So I have been on the system I have been using for almost 9 months now and only now, mainly as a result of laziness, have I finally gotten around to get git autocomplete going even though it is embarrassingly...
When using OSX’s git, after I modify a file I can simply do git commit <tab>, and that’ll auto complete the file’s name to the one that was modified.However, if I install a newer version of git from homebrew and I use it, that feature no longer works (meaning I press <tab> and it just “asks” me what file I want to do it on, even including the ones that have no changes).
We have used the mercurial for our project. I am using hg via terminal for add, commit & push the changes. While moving one branch to another branch i need autocomplete of branch names. hg update reg<tab> It should display the branch name and auto complete that name. hg update registration. Please suggest is any way to achieve this approach.

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