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remove disk image mac os x

remove disk image mac os x



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Disk image files on the Mac OS X are DMG files. They are like virtual images of disks that come with software that is downloaded from the Internet. They contain a copy of the application you downloaded and after they mount on your Desktop, you can remove the application inside by dragging and dropping it in your Applications folder.
Computers How to delete a hard-drive partition on a Mac. It's time to remove the partition you created for the public beta of OS X El Capitan.
You can create an empty disk image, add data to it, then use it to create disks, CDs, or DVDs. In the Disk Utility app on your Mac, choose File > New Image > Blank Image.. Enter a filename for the disk image, add tags if necessary, then choose where to save it.
Question: Q: How do I delete a disk image? I made a disk image to have a password protected folder, but now i can't delete it, even after i put in the password.. Help?! ☞ If you’re running Mac OS X 10.7 or later, open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Terminal in the page that opens. Drag or copy
This Mac was given to me. I want to wipe the disk and reinstall OSX. I've never done this before, and I don't know what I'm doing. Images: Disk Utility view, and "About This Mac". Would you give me instructions on how to: 1) Wipe this disk as completely as possible, and. 2) Reinstall the OS without a CD?
Macs with multiple user accounts sometimes need to delete a user account. Maybe you no longer need a specific user account, or you’re removing an old login, or just cleaning house, whatever the case, it is easy to remove a user from Mac OS X. The method we’ll cover allows removal of any user
Some Mac users may require the ability to erase a disk or erase a hard drive from the command line on Mac OS, a task which is typically performed through the Disk Utility application from the GUI. The command line approach to disk erasure in macOS is a bit different and it requires precise syntax to
I would really like to delete it however when i try to do so in Disk utility under partition it wont let me delete it (no minus sign). Also, whenever the mac loads it automatically uses that as the startup disk so everytime I have to manually press option to select main drive. Can anyone please provide some help? Thanks alot, Tom
Try selecting the disk image icon rather than the unmounted volume icon (which is what the image above shows). At least in previous versions of Disk Utility, that shows info about the disk image file (.dmg). You can also right click on the disk image icon and choose Eject. Not sure if that still holds true for El Capitan or not...

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